Learn how to find your passion for life again, enjoy your life more, and start fully living life the way you want to!

Are you truly living and enjoying life? 

Today I’d like to talk to you about living your life to the fullest, the way you were meant to.

Sometimes in life we start out full of ambition, ideas, and passion – things we’d like to do some day, the way we’d like our lives to be. But, then something happens. Life begins to weigh on us, stress us, make us doubt our ideas and ourselves, and dull our passion for life.

If this sounds like you, like something you relate to, then keep reading. I want to ignite your joy, passion, and love for life again!

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How to start fully living life & enjoying life again

We are here to create and live, to experience different things. But, that weight that comes with life’s responsibilities and certain experiences can make us just happy to get by, to survive.

However, you were NEVER meant to just survive or get by during your life here. 

So I ask you, what do you want? What do you really want, from the bottom of your heart? If you could have anything, any kind of life, what would it look like? What would you be doing?

These kinds of questions will start stirring up your zest for life again. Let your heart FEEL, really feel, what it longs for again. Rather than fearing disappointment if the longing should amount to nothing. 

We need to feel. We need to imagine. We need to have wants and allow ourselves to desire things. This is how we create, or rather where we create from.

You have probably forgotten some of the things you once really wanted or loved. Did you love beautiful things, beautiful surroundings? I did. I had a passion for creating and designing beautiful surroundings. And, I loved vanilla candles!

But while trying to get by in life, I forgot about these things and stopped nurturing those desires. And, I’ve learned that though these things may seem small or insignificant, unimportant, they are food for my soul. It has these desires for a reason, and that’s why when I nurture them I feel better.

See, we think of ourselves as humans – as ordinary people on Earth doing ordinary things like everyone else. But, we are so much more than this! We are spirits living inside of bodies. Close your eyes, breathe, listen to your breath for a little bit, and tell me you don’t feel this.

We are beings that come from a place that is so very great that we can manifest and create easily, be surrounded by beauty, and truly feel love that’s unconditional. So if we come here and stop truly breathing deeply with feeling for life, if we limit our passions and creativity, we innately know that this isn’t fully living life and that there’s more to life – and we feel bad. We don’t feel good this way.

So, don’t hold yourself back. Don’t tell yourself that you just have to settle or that this is all YOU were meant to have. Not if you can feel in your heart that it doesn’t sit well, that it doesn’t FEEL GOOD. 

Why is feeling good important (on a spiritual level)?

So, why is feeling good important for us spiritually? Well, let’s talk about it.

We humans are often bad at understanding how important feeling good is.

Way too often we act like we must endure (for way too long) what makes us unhappy, even miserable. Like it’s our cross to bear, like part of being human is being miserable. And though we will feel things that break our hearts or challenge us, it isn’t true that we have to settle down in misery or apathy.

So, what does this mean?

Well, it means that yes there will be situations we need to go through that will help us grow, break our hearts, challenge us, and all of that – but there is still plenty of room for exploring what makes us feel good, what we love about life, the kind of life we want to create for ourselves, and even who we really want to be.

This is what it’s all about! And, it’s a good thing. We need to grow, but we also need to LIVE. Of course it’s all a part of life though, isn’t it? 

When we do our life reviews once we’re all done here, we’ll feel a swelling in our hearts when we think about all the moments we cherished in life, all the good times we allowed ourselves to have, all the passions we had, and all the love that we allowed ourselves to feel. Just like we’ll feel proud of ourselves for all that we’ve overcome, for how we’ve grown.

This is amazing, this process that we’re allowed to go through here. So you see, it isn’t just something to get through or something to survive – it’s so much MORE. 

If we choose to, we can truly live our lives whole-heartedly here – not halfway, not with just struggle, not without much thought to what we want to gain from all of this. But, with a full heart. And, a full heart feels. A full heart feels passion, love, life, desires – all of it.

So, if needed, blow off the dust from your heart and start over. Let it ignite again. Ask it what it really desires and what it wants to experience. Close your eyes, breathe slowly but deep in and out, and see what you feel. 

Hopefully, you’ll feel a better connection with your soul and all that it longs for. And, I hope that you allow yourself to do everything you came here to do and that you choose to TRULY AND FULLY LIVE LIFE.

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Closing thoughts: How to start fully living life & enjoying life again

I hope you found this post on enjoying life again and living life fully helpful.

Find joy and peace. Smile and laugh. And today, do something you love to do! This is your life experience after all.

I’m going through all of this just the same as you, and I’m energetically sending you support. Take care of yourself!

And remember…

Don’t just survive or get by – live life fully!

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