Many of us are working on finding peace and everything else that we want, and we’ll do anything to get it. We scour the internet, YouTube, Books – anything to find relief, anything to find a better way of life, anything to help us feel better and feel happier.

And, who could blame us? Who could blame us for wanting a better life, for wanting to be happy and to feel fulfilled? No one, because they’re probably searching (or have searched), too.

And after all the searching, I’m here to tell you that we can search outside of us til the cows come home, but what we truly seek won’t be found there.

Yes, we’ll find something, maybe even some great things that help us. But, we’ll keep searching for more because none of it holds the key for true inner peace and fulfillment.

So, let me tell you where it WILL be found. Inside of you.

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Finding peace & all you want on the inside first

Let’s talk about finding peace and all that you want on the inside, first.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve learned many wonderful things and grown plenty by searching outside of me, by reading and listening to videos. But, when I really get it it comes from the inside.

I’ve learned that we can search for happiness, for what will make us happy, all year long. We can search for what will give us a feeling of inner peace and try different things. We can search for a better way to live, a way that’s more fulfilling. But in order to truly find these things in a lasting way, we must find them on the inside first.

Let me explain.

Searching outside for something to fill us up on the inside

I used to think that if I could find all the right things (the right man, the right life) I would be happier and complete. Ever felt this way about something?

I was searching outside of me for something to fill me up on the inside. And, it didn’t work. It did not work at all. I read self-help books and believed in it all – I still believe they’re helpful. But, nothing worked for a long time.

Is there something that you’re searching for that you believe will make you happier and more fulfilled or complete once you find it?

Well, have you ever gotten something you had wanted just to find yourself then worrying about when it goes away or what’s next? Or, have you ever got what you wanted only to still feel something’s missing?

Maybe it’s because we’re filling our cups with all of these things when what we really want is to feel complete on the inside first, to feel whole without anything else, just as we are. And, maybe, in order to be able to truly enjoy those outside things, we need to be complete on the inside first.

A man didn’t make me happy. I made me happy by realizing that it was inside me all along – the ability to feel how I wanted to feel despite anything going on on the outside of me, that’s what healed me and brought me true joy and peace. And, you can do this too.

You don’t have to put off your happiness, peace, and fulfillment

You have so much wisdom inside of you, and if you take time to quietly listen you’ll hear and feel that you are perfect just as you are. You don’t need anything else – you can be happy and feel complete now.

Yes, there are things that we want. This is normal. It’s part of us, part of our journey here. But, that doesn’t have to be connected to or determine your state of being (whether you’re happy or unhappy, feel good or don’t).

I know. We’ve been taught that it does. But, what we were taught was wrong.

We have more inner power than most of us were taught that we have. We are not powerLESS. We do not have to be blown to and fro by outside circumstances. We can stand strong and centered on the inside. And, this is freeing!

And, it makes more sense (at least to me). We are human, we have feelings, of course we do. And, so it’s normal that things will bring on feelings and affect us.

But if we know who we are and what that means, we can always remember that and come back to our center.

And, feel good again! We don’t have to stay in agony or stay miserable because we don’t yet have everything just as we want it in our lives. We don’t have to put off our happiness, peace, and fulfillment for later – we can feel these things now.

Why & how can you feel peace, joy, & fulfillment now

Know who you are. Know where you come from. Know what this means. It means that you are not an accident, a mere little human accidentally landing on this planet. It all means something, and it’s for a reason.

You want to succeed at finding peace and all that you want? Then, look more internally and less outward. Search inward, too. Listen for your inner spirit and learn who you really are and what you’re made of, which will also lead you to your worth.

I used to let people treat me however they wanted, just about. But, I had low self-esteem – a low sense of my value and of what I was worth. So if a relationship wasn’t going well and didn’t feel right, I didn’t just check out. I made excuses, settled, and accepted less than I truly wanted.

But, I don’t do that anymore. Now, I know the beauty that is within me – the spirit within this body of mine and the complexity of why I’m here and where I come from. And, that is valuable.

So you don’t need anyone else to validate your worthiness or lovability, and you don’t need anyone else or anything to make you happy or complete. You already are, within. You just have to tap into it and realize it, and feel it now.

And, how powerful it will make you and how it will free you. Trust me. You’ll have your days, your moments, but nothing will truly shake you because you’re centered and balanced from the inside. You’ll always come back to your knowing – knowing who you are, what you are (a spirit in a body, not just a mere body), and what you’re connected to.

Manifestation concepts: Be what you want to have

Many teachers on manifestation and Universal laws teach that in order to attract something you must first feel that you have it, now. You must first feel complete, not longing for it – because the Universe gives you more of what you are, not what you want.

And, this can be a tricky concept to understand. But if you’re longing for it, that shows that you don’t have it. So they say you must be like a mirror, showing the Universe what you want more of. (This is the best way I know to explain it.)

And, this makes more sense to me now that I understand the concept of feeling whole on the inside despite what’s going on on the outside of you. Now that I know how it feels to let go and feel connection with my inner spirit and All That Is, and feel complete.

The times when miracles have happened and I can not explain how they happened were times when I was feeling free. In those moments I had finally let go, quit worrying, and trusted. I had decided to feel abundant now, to feel happy and complete now.

Have you had times like this? If so, please share and inspire us all in the comments.

So on your journey toward finding peace and all that you want, you might want to try this. Make the choice to be happy and know that you’re complete right now and always. That brings a peaceful feeling. And, perhaps try to feel that you already have that abundance or that other thing now and that you’re so grateful for it. Gratitude is powerful!

Closing thoughts: Finding peace & all you want from within (spiritual growth)

I hope you’ve enjoyed this spiritual growth blog post on finding peace and all that you want from within. My wish is that it helps you, that you find more peace and all that you’re looking for!

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