If you’re struggling with feelings of hopelessness you’re in the right place, because today I’m talking about how to stop feeling hopeless and start feeling better. And, I hope this lifts your spirits!

I’ll share tips and ideas with you that have helped me to overcome hopelessness (even depression) and that I believe can help you, too. So, let’s get started!

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Tips for how to stop feeling hopeless.

If you feel unhappy with things and like there’s nothing you can do about it, this can definitely make you feel hopeless. Maybe you feel as though you’ve tried everything you could, and yet no results. I personally know how frustrating this is, and the only thing that finally helps me when I feel this way is to get up and do something. And, it doesn’t have to be something big.

If you do nothing but sit in the negative feeling, it can’t improve. You know that law that says a body in motion stays in motion and one still stays still? Well, it’s like that. If you do anything, then just because of that you’ll be moving forward. You may not have the answers yet, you may feel like you’re flying blind, but at least you’re in motion rather than standing still. At least you’re going somewhere and you have a chance.

But if on the other hand you choose to lay there in your helplessness and do nothing about it, then there’s no energy being put toward changing this. And, I’m not trying to be mean – trust me I know how hard it can be to get out of this state. I’m just trying to give you reason to move, to change things. You want to put energy out that says you want a change and aren’t wanting to stay where you are, having reason to feel like like this.

This means do your best to stop dwelling in the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, to not let your feelings control your actions, and to move despite those feelings. And, when you move despite feeling like it you’ll often find that you start feeling better and figure things out.

Sometimes we must decide not to allow feelings that don’t feel good, like being hopeless, helpless, or in fear, control our actions and keep us from moving forward in a positive way.

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(Of course, I am not a doctor. If you’ve tried to handle these feelings on your own or really feel deep despair or like there’s no hope, please seek professional help. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out for help!)

Don’t give up – sometimes it’s just on the other side of the hill.

Sure, we can give up. We can say I’ve had enough, I’ve done enough, I haven’t gotten enough of what I want or need, and I’m done. But…

What if you’re really close? What if what you need or want is just over the hill? What if you quit or just sit in feeling hopeless only later to find by the divine that you were super close?!

Oh, that would suck. This is what I tell myself when I want to give up, I’ve had enough, and I’m feeling hopeless or helpless.

I can not see what the divine can see – I can only see what I can see. So, I must trust. I must trust that if I ask I will receive, maybe not in my way or my timing, but it’ll come. And I must trust that if a desire so strong has been put inside me it must be for a reason, and therefore I shouldn’t give up or lay down in defeat, in feelings of hopelessness.

And sure, these times are bound to come. But, it’s what I do then that counts.

You’re at a crossroad in life – will you stay down?

Many heroic stories have a point when the character had to make a decision. And, we may not even notice this choice that they had. See, they could have chosen to reject the calling – to say it’s too much. And whether it’s a fictional or a real life success story, I bet there was a crossroads moment at least once.

Will you stay down? We all get down, but will you stay down is the question.

Sometimes it’s what you do when you’re down that counts the most.

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It takes guts and bravery to get up, even from a little bit of hopelessness. It takes guts to keep trying, to keep living, even though life may have let us down in ways.

We hear of survivor stories, people that went through major things and survived. But, we are all survivors. I say that because life spares none of us. We all, in our own way, face challenges and disappointments. And, all of those matter – all of those count. 

And, we have a choice that we get to make – how we handle the challenges. It might not be easy, but the pay off of dealing with and overcoming these challenges is great.

All of us have to face the harshness that comes with life here on Earth at times. And, all of us get the great spiritual growth that comes with overcoming.

Abundant Life & Balance

What might have been put there for you to overcome?

Will you pass the test? Will you keep going anyway? Will you get back up, again?

If you need help, get it. Do whatever it takes, because your soul’s happiness counts. You matter, and what you need and want matters. And, you can bet that the Universe (or God) is listening. Just be patient and do what you can meanwhile.

You know, sometimes that’s all we need to hear – that we matter, that we’re heard, that the Universe or God cares and is listening to and there for us, that what we want and need matters.

And, this blog post that you’re reading is your sign. I believe the Universe, God, however you see it, has led you to hear this. To the divine everyone matters. No one is insignificant. 

You know, sometimes we curse the challenges given to us. But who’s to say that we won’t get to the other side and find that those challenges were there to help us grow, to give us a chance to overcome them.

Is there anything in your life where this could possibly be the case? I find that seeing it this way changes how I’m feeling about things, at least a bit.

Find your inner peace, power, & strength.

Keep going. Don’t give up. Get back up. Get the help you need if it’s needed, because you matter and you deserve it. Put these tips on how to stop feeling hopeless to use, just by taking one little step at a time. It makes a difference.

Feeling hopeless is not fun, and it can be dangerous. It can quickly drag you to a darker place if you let it, but you aren’t going to let it.

You’re in control here. It’s YOUR life. Get back in it or take it back, but let the world know it’s yours to steer and to live.

And, know that your true power comes from within. Find your inner peace and strength, even if you have to dust it off – it’s there!

Closing thoughts on how to stop feeling hopeless & start feeling better.

I hope this blog post on how to stop feeling hopeless and start feeling better has helped you! I’ve been there myself, and I know how difficult it is to navigate. But…

You can do this! You’ve no doubt already dealt with and overcome many other things in life, or even this before. So, have faith in yourself and in what you can do and get through.

You can probably handle a lot more than you think you can.

But please, definitely do be open to getting help from someone if needed. Take an honest look and recognize where you’re at and what it will take to get you in a better place, and there’s nothing wrong with seeking professional help when needed. I’ve been there in the past, too!

I wish you the best life and lots of healing. And, I’m sending you warm hugs! 

Know that you are not alone. Spirit, God, the Universe is always with you.

And, I have a forum for women just for this cause – to make sure that no woman ever has to go through everything alone.

Some things that might help you.

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