Here are ten tips & encouragement for people who are feeling discouraged, defeated in life, or just feeling down!

Life struggles are unavoidable, and unfortunately sometimes they’ll leave us feeling discouraged. So, today I’m giving you…

10 easy tips to feel better faster when you feel discouraged:

  • Try to see things from another perspective
  • Remember that others are going through similar things
  • Call someone to talk or go online to a forum, etc.
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  • Don’t forget to take care of yourself (breathe, relax, etc.)
  • Think “how would so & so handle this problem/feeling”
  • Play therapist with yourself – talk like they would to you
  • Get rid of negative thoughts to get rid of negative emotions
  • Think, “What one thing can I do now that’ll make me feel better?”
  • Think, “What one thing can I do now that’ll make a difference?”

These may seem simple, but when we’re feeling down we don’t want to do much. So if you’re feeling this way, just start with one thing on this list to try. Then, maybe try another. Take it one step at a time, and you’ll get through it.

It also helps to remember other things that you’ve made it through in the past...

Sometimes when we’re upset we get tunnel vision, only able to see our current problem and circumstances. So, it helps to get a bigger picture view by stepping back from it, seeing it through someone else’s eyes, or looking at other things we’ve overcome.

Change how you’re looking at things, and you might find that you feel a lot better, a lot faster!

To change how you’re looking at things when you’re feeling down, you might:

  • Have a plan for what to do when you feel discouraged, so that life struggles don’t keep you down for long.
  • Tell yourself to try to see beyond the current moment and problem to get a bigger picture view.
  • Zoom out and look at different options and possible happy endings.

This might help you begin to see things differently, so you can think of ways to make things better. So if you’re feeling stuck and discouraged, why not give some of these ideas a try? You don’t have much to lose just from trying.

Now, here’s more encouragement for people who are feeling defeated in life, discouraged, or just feeling down!

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Encouragement for women who are feeling discouraged

Oftentimes when we’re down and feeling discouraged, we have the feeling that we’re alone or the only ones going through it. And, feeling alone is an awful and sometimes even scary feeling.

So, know that you aren’t alone! This is a big world, and there are surely many others dealing with the same or similar life struggles and feelings.

And, I don’t say that to minimize how you’re feeling. Not at all. I only mean that you don’t have to feel alone.

Just pick up the phone and open up to someone, or go online to one of the many sources for group chats (forums, Facebook groups, etc.) – and you’ll find that you really aren’t alone and that there are people willing to listen and even that are going through similar things.

I believe we need to have more encouragement for women readily available, because we have a lot to deal with. 

So when you’re feeling down, reach out to someone and it’ll help you to stay positive and feel better. Even if you choose not to talk about it, just being around others instead of isolating yourself will help.  

How to feel better when you feel discouraged

feeling discouraged

Now, let’s talk some more about how to stay positive and feel better when you feel discouraged. 

I mentioned that when we get discouraged we often get tunnel vision. What I mean is that we might get overwhelmed and not be able to look at everything objectively, without emotion, to try to find answers.

We might not see the big picture, due to being overwhelmed by the issues right in front of us – might not see all the possibilities and options. So although it’s hard…

It can help to take a breath or wash your face, think of someone you admire, and then ask yourself how would they handle this situation or problem.

Or, just try to think outside the box.

Play therapist with yourself and tell yourself what you think a therapist would say.

It doesn’t matter how you do it, as long as you snap yourself out of feeling sorry for yourself, wallowing in misery, and negative thoughts and emotions.

Thoughts like “it won’t do any good” have to go! On that note, if it isn’t helpful it needs to go.

And I say that with love, to help you get past the discouragement and back to feeling good.

So, how can you think differently about your situation? What can you try? If you could suddenly fly up to the sky and look down at the big picture, what would you see? If you were giving advice to someone else that’s in your situation, what would you say?

Learn how to have a balanced life when feeling overwhelmed.

How to avoid feeling defeated in life & stay positive

Here’s some of the best advice that I could share with you on how to avoid feeling defeated in life and, most importantly, stay positive. (It’s what I’ve learned to do when I get overwhelmed, stressed, and discouraged.)

I used to just let my feelings do their thing – and boy can they get out of control and take over that way! But, now I have…

Two things that I do that make things better faster when I’m feeling discouraged: 

  1. I ask myself what one thing can I do right now that will make me feel better. 
  2. And after I’ve washed my face or made a warm drink or bath and have a little better handle of myself, I ask myself what one thing can I do that would make a difference – and then I do it.

I figure if a therapist can help people, then we can help ourselves in the same way by trying to see things differently and using self talk that makes us feel better. (But, of course, I’m all for getting therapy if it’s needed! Sometimes we need more help, or just need someone to talk to.)

But, do make sure you do things to take care of yourself. You’ll be able to handle things better and feel better faster if you do.

And, don’t think of how to make yourself feel better and then decide on a movie that ends up being depressing or disturbing. 

Ever done that? I have, and you’d think I’d learn that it doesn’t help!

So instead…

Look for something positive when you’re feeling defeated in life, down, or discouraged.

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feeling discouraged

Closing thoughts: 10 Tips to feel better faster if you’re feeling discouraged

Well, you now have more ideas for how to feel better faster no matter what life throws at you! 

And, for a refresher…

10 things that’ll help you when feeling discouraged or down are:

  1. Trying to see things differently, from another perspective
  2. Reminding yourself that others are going through similar things
  3. Calling someone to talk or going online to a forum, etc.
  4. Visiting my home page (button up top) for resources     
  5. Taking a breath, washing your face, making a warm drink, etc.
  6. Thinking how would “so & so” handle this problem or feeling
  7. Playing therapist with yourself – talking like they would, to yourself
  8. Getting rid of negative thoughts, so that you can get rid of negative emotions
  9. Thinking, “What one thing can I do now that will make me feel better?”
  10. Thinking, “What one thing can I do now that will make a difference?”

So, I ask you again – how can you think differently about your situation? What can you try? If you could suddenly fly up to the sky and look down at the big picture, what would you see?

Try to have faith that everything is going to work out in it’s own timing. Also try to figure out what the Universe might be trying to teach you or show you.

And, always try to remember the bigger picture and what matters most in life.

Sometimes our struggles are big and hard not to think about, and then sometimes it’s something we can give to God, the Universe, or whatever you believe in – let go and have faith. (Either way it helps to try to let go & surrender your problems to a higher source.)

I truly hope these tips help you when you’re feeling down. May you never feel alone or hopeless, but always have a knowing that the Universe/God is with you and is working all things out for your highest good!

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