Get five uplifting ways to start feeling content with life, so you can have more peace in your life and enjoy it more!

Feeling content with life, being at peace with your life and being able to truly enjoy your life, is ideal, but it isn’t always easy to do. I struggled for years so badly wanting to be content with my life but not knowing how to get there.

It can be so frustrating! But, I can tell you from experience that it’s possible to change how you’re feeling about life and to feel better overall, on a regular basis.

Many people struggle trying to figure out how they can start feeling better about life, wanting to get rid of negative emotions, and wishing they could just enjoy their lives. So, you aren’t alone. And, this blog post will help.

I’ve put together five uplifting ways that you can start feeling more content with life and feel better, from day to day. And I know these things can help you, because they’ve helped me. So, you could say they’re proven to work! Here’s a quick glance at them…

5 Ways to start feeling content with life & enjoying each day are:

  • Practice being in the moment
  • Practice forgiveness
  • Practice gratitude often
  • Try to think more positively
  • &, Be patient & try to relax

And now, we’ll look closer at each of these and how they can help you.

Get six tips for enjoying life more, despite stress!

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5 Ways to start feeling content with life

These five tips for feeling content with life, feeling at peace with your life and being able to enjoy it more, may seem simple, but don’t underestimate them! Sometimes it’s the simplest things that make sense and that can make a difference.

It doesn’t always have to be complicated, in fact it’s often best to keep it uncomplicated. We don’t need big words or big concepts here, just words like “gratitude” and “positivity”. Words we all know but that we don’t always put a lot of thought into.

But, there’s power in these things! So, here we go. Let’s start with number one, being present.

#1 Practice being in the moment

I’m sure you’ve heard of practicing awareness or being in the present moment? Well, it really does help.

Just try it for a minute. I want you to close your eyes and breathe deeply, calmly, and slowly. Don’t try to think, just be there, breathing. Just notice yourself there. And, try to relax. Try to just let yourself be.

No expectations. No thinking about anything specific. Just being open and relaxed. Sometimes, I like to do this with headphones and relaxing sounds on – so I can drown out any distractions and really get that time for me.

I find this important, because we live in a world with so many distractions and so much busyness. And, that world has some great stuff in it. But, we still need that still, serene, quiet time at least occasionally.

We need time to keep in touch with ourselves, and not just with what’s going on in the world and all around us. Aren’t you worth that? I think you are. We all are.

So if you’d like to start feeling content with life, to feel more peace in your life, you might try this. It definitely makes a huge difference in my life – one that I can feel right away.

You know, sometimes we think we don’t have time for this kind of thing. We think we don’t have time to slow down or stop what we’re doing. But, the truth is we can’t really afford not to take some quiet time for our souls.

The price is too high. Neglecting our inner selves and what our spirit truly craves is not worth all the things we think we gain by doing so. It’s time, if we want peace and contentment, to rethink what’s most important.

#2 Practice forgiveness

Holding onto unforgiveness eats us up inside, even if we don’t know it. And, to be content we need to have peace within. So if you’d like to start feeling content with life, practice forgiveness. And, this forgiveness isn’t just for others – it’s for yourself, too.

Try to think of anything you may need to forgive yourself for, because we often hold this kind of thing in, not wanting to think about it. But, without letting it go we risk it quietly sabotaging us. And it just isn’t worth it, so let it go.

Forgive and release what’s holding you down and blocking you. It’s just negativity that you don’t need. 

You’re trying to rise higher, toward joy and peace, so you need to rise above as much negativity as possible. And, practicing forgiveness will help with this. 

#3 Practice gratitude often

I used to dwell on things that were wrong or not the way I wanted them more than I practiced gratitude, and I wasn’t feeling content with life. Instead, I was more annoyed by life, confused by life, and unhappy with life.

But once I started practicing gratitude, everything changed for the better. My mind started going to a brighter place more often than it went to a darker place. So, I can tell you from experience that if you practice gratitude often, only good things can come from it!

There’s something about being grateful that brings you peace and quiets the mind that too often wants to complain.

And, if you’re looking to feel more content within your life you definitely want more peace. So, try it. You have nothing to lose. 

Everyday try to think of something you’re grateful for. Or, when your mind begins to make that list of all your problems or all you don’t have, make the list of what you’re grateful for instead.

Do this often, and you’ll see a change. Because, you can’t possibly add more positivity into your life like this without getting a positive result.

#4 Try to think more positively

Like gratitude, thinking more positively will change your life. And, what I really mean by this is to change your perspective.

Just think about it. If you’ve ever been around someone who’s complaining a lot and crabby, you know they aren’t content. They’re the opposite.

So, if you want to start feeling content with life you may need to change the way you think. And, I have to tell you that changing how I think and practicing gratitude more often are two of the best things I ever did for myself.

You won’t regret it. And, sometimes we don’t even know how negative we’re being. So, pay attention to the thoughts you have and the things you say for a while so you can see if this is something you might need to work on.

Sometimes I like to gently rephrase what I’ve said or thought into something more positive. And, I find this way better than being hard on myself for something I’m thinking or doing. Just observe and adjust.

It can take time, but I can’t stress enough how important it is. I’ll just say that how you think can change everything for you!

#5 Be patient & try to relax

And finally, be patient with yourself and with the timing of things in life. Don’t expect way too much of yourself, in a bad way, or be too hard on yourself. Be kind to yourself!

And, try to not let whether something happens in your timing or not determine your happiness. Sometimes, after we’ve done all we can do, it’s out of our hands – and we won’t be feeling content with life if we can’t accept that and relax.

Lots of times we’re not feeling content within our lives because we’re so wound up about everything. So, just relax and breathe, knowing it’s all going to work out. Learn to trust.

Ask for help from God or the Universe, and then let go. Do what you need to do, but stop worrying. Let God take the worry.

Close your eyes, gather up all that is worrying or upsetting you from inside, cup it all in your hands, and offer it up to God or the Universe. Then, breathe a big relaxed breath.

It’ll feel so much better. I don’t believe we were ever meant to handle everything on our own.

Know that it’s all going to be alright. We may not know or understand everything, but we are not alone and we can ask for guidance.

Closing thoughts: 5 Uplifting ways to start feeling content with life

I hope this post on feeling content with life, finding peace with it, and being able to enjoy it more has been uplifting and helpful. And, as a reminder…

Five things that can help you start feeling content with life are:

  • Practicing awareness & being in the moment
  • Practicing forgiveness, of yourself and others
  • Practicing gratitude as often as possible
  • Thinking positively & changing your perspective
  • Being patient with yourself & with things in life

These things have helped me, and I believe that adding these things to your life regularly will help you too. Just remember that there isn’t just one thing that can help you feel happier and more content with life and that life is often about balance. So try different things, and most importantly never give up! 

If you get overwhelmed, remind yourself that you can make a big difference a little at a time, one step at a time. Rome wasn’t built overnight as they say, but it was built – one step at a time. And, step by step you can do or change anything.

I have a lot more inspiration for you, including a forum for women to talk & support one another and blog posts, (buttons for these are up top), and I’ll list some more helpful things below. 

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