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Are you feeling broken inside?

People feel broken for all kinds of reasons. And, sometimes we quickly judge them because of where they are in life, not realizing that it can happen to any of us – not thinking about the circumstances that may have put them there.

If you’re feeling broken inside, there’s a lot that you may have had to go through. You may have so much weighing on your heart that it’s hard to breathe at times. But, know that just as this world takes away and pushes us to the edge it can also restore and save when it’s least expected. So, don’t give up!

You may be feeling broken inside, but you are not broken to a point where God cannot do something good with your brokenness. Think of bible stories and others that tell of someone having gone through great strife and heartache just to eventually be used by God to do something amazing.

Allow God to help you & use you

It may not make sense. It doesn’t seem fair. But, your trials can eventually be something that helps others or that causes you to rise to an occasion.

I do not pretend to know everything. But, I do know I’ve faced my own terrible crises and trials – and I know now that God intends to use these to help others. 

Perhaps so that they aren’t in vain, or perhaps because I’m willing and there’s a job to do.

But, only you can allow God, the Universe, or whatever you call your creator to help you. Only you can choose not to give up on you.

It’s fixable (read to understand)

I don’t know what broke you – what made you start feeling broken inside. But, it doesn’t matter. Don’t get me wrong, it matters big time. It just doesn’t matter what did this to you because it’s fixable no matter what.

The world is hurting. You may be hurting. We are, as a collective, living with hurt, fear, confusion, and loss. Yet, it’s all fixable.

I don’t mean that we can always bring back what we’ve lost or change things back to how they were. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

But, with divine help, we can heal. And, we can start to understand what’s understandable. We can learn to let go when there’s nothing else we can do. And, we can trust.

Listen for guidance when feeling broken inside

This world is physical. So, we often only see what we can see with our eyes. But, there’s more to see.

But, in order to see it we have to trust and open up. And, sometimes we need to listen.

God may be trying to talk to you but you aren’t listening. If so, it isn’t your fault. You can’t have listened if you didn’t know someone was trying to talk.

But, if you close your eyes, get quiet, and truly listen, you may hear a voice within that’s saying something to you. If so, pay attention because guidance is there for those who will listen.

And, I must say that some people think they never hear from God because they’ve never heard a big booming voice or one they clearly recognize as divine. But, God often comes quietly.

Perhaps that’s why people say get quiet and clear your thoughts, like when they meditate. Perhaps God doesn’t want to scare us (ha ha).

But, seriously, my experience and intuition tells me that sometimes we miss the voice for different reasons. The guidance may come in the form of a thought, a vision of something, a very quiet voice, or the voice may sound like ours.

It may be your higher self or God trying to guide you, but you don’t realize it. Plus, how often do most of us actually get quiet, including in our mind?

But, your spirit is wiser than you think. If you pay attention and practice listening, you’ll recognize that emotion, thought, vision, or voice that was given to you by your maker.

Forgive yourself, it’s okay

Feeling broken can cause us to do a lot of things. Or, maybe doing something caused you to eventually feel broken. So, no matter what has happened, forgive yourself.

Sometimes we punish ourselves with unforgiveness, and it breaks us further. This is how cruel we can be to ourselves.

But, do we forget that we are only human? That if we were talking to someone else who’d gone through the same things or done the same, we’d say forgive yourself, it’s okay.

But, for some reason we are so hard on ourselves – acting as if we must be different, we must be above it all, we must be perfect. Or, acting as if others are perfect.

Trust me, I know that sometimes it’s hard to let some things go, because we are haunted. But, the haunting only stops when you say stop. It’s your mind, and it’s your life.

What I mean is that at some point you’ll find that the ball’s in your hands, that it’s your shot. You’ll have a decision to make. Do you punish yourself in ways that make your limited time here worse, or will you decide the past is in the past but I have the future.

And, the future’s in your hands! It may not always be perfect and just as you want, but oh are there ever possibilities that are just waiting on you.

Conclusion: Feeling broken inside – Inspiration for women or whoever needs it

I hope this blog post called Feeling Broken Inside – Inspiration for Women or Whoever Needs It has reached you at a time when you need it and that it’s helped you! 

And, please share it with anyone that you feel could use it right now, so that we continue to lift up people around the world when they need it.

As a reminder…

If you’re feeling broken inside:

  • Allow God to help you & use you
  • You can heal, understand, let go, & trust
  • Listen for guidance
  • Forgive yourself
  • Accept the possibilities of your future

Remember that God can work miracles and that what seems unfixable and broken can sometimes be re-molded in a miraculous way. Please, never give up on yourself! You don’t know what miracle is around the corner or just over the hill.

And, if you need more help don’t be afraid to reach out to someone for it. 

We have a forum for women on our home page if you just need others to talk to, and you should find that link up top. But, we all have times when we need help, so don’t be afraid to seek whatever kind you need when you need it.

I also want you to know that if you’ve lost someone or had something terrible happen in your life, I’m not making light of it. I’ve been through it myself, and I know the void it leaves. I know what it’s like to blame yourself and to want to give up on yourself and even life.

But, you can’t. This world needs you! You may not know how yet, but if you’re still here I promise you there’s a reason.

And, I’m here to tell you that I struggled big time and I’m still here – and if I could make it so can you. You may say oh but you don’t know. And, to that I’d say the same, because no one knows what we go through or how we feel inside. But, trust me, you can do this. Hear me? YOU CAN DO THIS.

God wants you to know that you are stronger than you think you are, and YOU CAN DO THIS.

I’m sending you love and healing hugs!

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Thanks for reading. You’re appreciated!

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