Today, I’d like to give you some inspiration incase you’re feeling all alone in life right now. I know what it’s like, and I want to remind you that there’s hope and that you aren’t alone in this.

Know that I have a forum for women (link is at top) where you can talk about things in a positive environment if you’re a woman. And if you aren’t, still feel free to leave a comment down below (at the end of this blog post) so that I and others can support you! We are a community, and we need to all lift each other up.

Next, I’ve written a poem for you that I hope gives you inspiration, hope, and comfort…

This is a spiritual poem I wrote titled “Feeling All Alone Despite Invisible Help”.


You might think you’re all alone

and if you do well then this is for you!

Know that it isn’t true, you can never be alone,

for heaven above has sent those on a mission for you!

So when you’re down and feeling that you won’t make it,

or that you’re tired of doing it all alone,

just know that you have more help than you can see.

Lift up your eyes to the sky above,

look at the stars that we all love.

Find the magic that’s there to grab,

know that it’s yours to have!

No one person is more loved than another,

you can have whatever you want.

Just don’t ever give up on your dreams,

for they are there for a purpose.

You will accomplish all that you’re meant to,

then look up and say thank you to all of your invisible help!

Abundant Life & Balance

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About this spiritual poem & feeling lonely…

This poem actually came to me in the form of a song. And, I felt I was meant to hear it – but also that I was meant to share it. Perhaps there’s someone out there that needs it!

I know it was very comforting to me, because I’ve had times where I have a slight feeling of loneliness. Just feeling that I’m trying to accomplish so much and that there isn’t anyone to help with it – or who can even fully understand my journey.

But, I feel that with this song or poem today we’re all being reminded that we aren’t really alone even though we may feel alone. We’re being told that there are some who understand us, perhaps because they’re guarding our mission (or just helping us on our journey).

And even though we cannot usually see this invisible spiritual help (our guides, angels, God, the Universe), I’d say that it’s even better help than we’d get from someone we can see. This spiritual help comes with divine wisdom – and can see things we can’t and then guide us accordingly.

I think that’s pretty awesome! And, it’s awesome that we’re so loved that we’d be given such a message telling us we aren’t alone and that we have help!

Closing thoughts and inspiration for people who are feeling all alone.

I hope this poem and blog post on feeling all alone has been comforting to you!

Many people are feeling alone in the world, in one way or another, and it doesn’t have to be that way. There are enough of us that can join together and support one another, and so this should never be the case.

If you notice that someone may be feeling this way, please reach out if you can. Often times we don’t offer help because we figure they would ask for it if they wanted it, and we don’t want to overstep. But, that just isn’t always the case. Sometimes when people are feeling very low, they are ashamed of it or just don’t want to burden others.

Again, if you’re feeling lonely or needing support from others reach out on our forum for women. All it takes is a simple comment about your day or saying what’s on your mind, and someone will respond. And, who knows, maybe your comment will help others who are struggling with the same things. So, don’t be afraid to reach out! We all need help at times.

If you’re feeling depressed, make sure you’re taking care of yourself and seeking professional help if needed. I’m not a doctor, so make sure that if you need this kind of help you get it. I have however been there myself, and I understand how it feels.

Isolation can go along with feeling depressed, and I used to have to push myself to be around others when I found myself not wanting to be around others for a while and feeling low. And, sometimes it helped.

Sometimes just getting out for some fresh air in any way helped, like going to the park or for a walk. The sun alone can be healing! Move your body, get plenty of fresh air, and listen to uplifting things – all of this helped me. (But again, if it doesn’t you might want to consider professional help. These are just things that have helped me.)

I am sending you lots of warm hugs and support. Take care of YOU!

Some things that might help you…

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