Learn how to feel balanced despite anything that’s going on in your life, and have calmness of mind and a peaceful life!

So, how do we keep balance in a busy world and with so much going on in our minds?

It isn’t always easy. We have so many parts of life to juggle, so many things to figure out, to keep afloat – it can leave our heads and hearts spinning. 

But, here is one thing I know.

The most peaceful life comes when we’re able to relax and let go. Let go of what, you ask? Well, of anything hindering you or holding you back – of anything causing you tension and stress or worry. There are so many things that we need to let go of through life, because they no longer serve us or just aren’t helpful to us.

But, is letting go easy? No. Let’s just be honest and say that it’s not. It isn’t always easy to trust that if we ease up on things and relax it’ll all work out – that if we confide and trust in a higher Source it’ll work out for our highest good.

But, I’ve learned in my life that things work out way more often when I’m able to trust than when I’m holding on for dear life with a clenched fist. 

I wonder if you can relate to this. 

Find out how to find your balance in life & live harmoniously!

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How to feel balanced with calmness of mind

You know, we all have times in life when we’re so wound up and going through the motions trying to make something fix or happen – and even if the puzzle pieces don’t seem to fit or it seems a struggle, we think we don’t have time to stop and regroup, pray, or ask for help.

When all along if we’d taken time to listen to our hearts and follow our intuition, we either could have gotten to the same destination but in a better (more peaceful) way or found something that worked even better.

So, perhaps the answer lies within. You know many people search for years for happiness, for what will make them happy, only to ironically find out later on that the happiness was there for the taking all along – that the happiness was to be found within them, not outside of them. 

This is because there isn’t that one magical thing that is going to bring you the kind of lasting happiness, the joy, that your soul craves. And once you stop searching outwardly and start looking inwardly, you’re eventually able to see that what you long for comes from within (where your soul is). 

Of course, this is just my quick explanation of this. I have a blog post on finding happiness, where I share my journey to happiness and tips to help you with this.

But, my point is that it’s the same with the feelings of balance, peace, and calmness of mind as it is for the feeling of happiness. It comes from the inside.

So, I want you to BREATHE. 

That’s right. Right now, just breathe good in and out – because I often find that when I’m stressed or struggling in some way I stop breathing deeply. And when I bring my attention to this and begin to slowly and calmly breathe in and out, I begin to feel better (and even think better).

I’m sure it helps to relax the body and even to bring more oxygen into it, so whenever you’re struggling with anything remember to breathe.

I hope this helps you feel balanced, with calmness of mind!

You have inner guidance that’ll help you feel centered

Also, know that you weren’t meant to be put here on this earth to go through everything alone. You have help available to you, but you could say that you must access this too from the inside. 

You can access your intuition, which is part of your guiding system, and you can access whatever higher powers you believe in. This could include God, the Universe, angels, guides, ascended masters (like Jesus), or even your higher self.

I’ll tell you that there have been times in my life when I simply prayed to the angels or God, saying please give me the kind of peace that can only come from you. And no matter what had been causing me anguish, I would suddenly get this sense of calmness.

So no matter what we go through in life, we are not as alone as we may think we are. And, this knowledge on its own can be very comforting!

Now I did mention that you must access this guidance from the inside, and let me tell you what I mean.

Everyone’s spiritual journey is different, but what I’ve experienced is that God (or whatever you call your source) is not just outside of and separate from you but is part of you and connected to you. And if you believe this, that you are connected to your higher Source so well, then you have only to go within in order to find that Source.

You don’t have to send your request out into the abyss and hope that something is done with it. Instead, you have a direct line to your higher Source built into you. And the best thing is that this means you can listen for and receive guidance back, because your “telephone line” is connected (as opposed to just sending a letter in a bottle out into the ocean in hopes that it’s read).

I hope this makes sense, and I hope that it helps.

Just remember that you have help, and you can ask for that help or guidance whenever you need it. And, after asking you might choose to sit quietly for a bit and see if any ideas or thoughts come to you. If they do, this could be your higher Source helping you out!

And, oh what peace it brings to know that you have this kind of help – to know that you aren’t alone in this big world, even if it feels like it. This can make you feel not only more peaceful, but also feel balanced and centered.

Much more balanced and centered!

Don’t forget to access higher guidance when life gets tough

Now if you don’t believe in any higher source, perhaps you can seek guidance and comfort from your higher self at least. And of course even if you do believe in a higher Source, you too can access guidance from your higher self. 

Sometimes I almost envision a me that is above all that I’m going through, and she’s gently guiding me as she can see things more clearly.

YOU may already have what works for you, and if so I’d say don’t forget to access this guidance when life becomes tough. Sometimes we get distracted and busy and forget.

And if you find this all a bit confusing, then I’d invite you to just simply close your eyes, breathe, think of something calming (like being at the ocean or sitting amongst the stars) or just clear your mind. And after doing this for a bit, see if you can sense that you’re a part of something bigger. Does this bring you peace? And then perhaps ask for guidance or help, stay there for a bit with an open mind, and see if any thoughts come to you or if you feel better. 

Just connect with yourself, because you’re more than just a body. And, you want to honor all parts of you in order to feel balanced and centered and have calmness of mind.

Have better life balance by including what brings you peace & joy

Also, do what brings you peace and joy. Don’t forget this too, because it makes a difference.

We can get so caught up in life and struggles that we forget to make regular time for what makes us feel good. But, this is an important part of life and of taking care of ourselves.

So, think about what brings you peace and joy if you haven’t thought about this lately. 

What do you enjoy? What makes life seem better and more peaceful to you? These are good questions, and we feel better when we at least do little things that make us feel good regularly.

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Closing thoughts: How to feel balanced, with calmness of mind (despite life)

I hope this blog post on how to feel balanced in life has helped! 

And, if you need more inspiration and help please check out my other blog posts (there’s a link at the top of this page to the blog posts). I have posts on self growth, spiritual growth, and dealing with life in general – even on specific things women may need help with.

Know that I’m sending you positive energy and love, and know that you’re not alone. (You’ll also find a link at top for the forum for women, for us all to have a place to talk about things!)

Try to stay positive and centered as much as possible!

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