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Today I’m going to give you seven plant-based diet benefits that I learned about when I began eating to feel good.

I actually began this journey because I found myself feeling older, tired a lot, and just not feeling good overall. But then shortly after this realization, I came across videos on eating a plant based diet. And, it was like it was meant to be.

So, I began learning more about this diet and eating to feel better! And, now I can tell you from experience and research that…

7 Plant-based diet benefits are:

  • It’ll make your body & mind better
  • It’ll give you more energy
  • It will keep you healthier
  • It isn’t hard to begin
  • It naturally helps you lose weight
  • It’s beneficial to the whole family
  • It’s helpful even if introduced slowly

So, let’s look more at my journey with eating a plant based diet and how it can help you, too!

7 Plant-based diet benefits

Now I’m going to go over each of these seven plant-based diet benefits that I’ve learned about. But, I want you to know that although I’m covering seven there are probably even more. These are just the ones I’ve learned about and had experience with.

I love how we all have the freedom to be individuals and to eat (and do other things) in a way that feels right for ourselves. So, I’m also very open to the idea of taking certain parts of a particular way of eating and making it fit you.

I don’t believe that anything has to be done a certain way just because many people are doing it that way or say it must be done that way. So, please read these ideas and benefits but then choose to eat in whatever way feels right for you.

Some people just eat mostly plant-based, some people completely, and some people just add more of these ideas into their lives in order to feel healthier and better overall. You get to decide!

#1 Eating plant based makes your body & mind better

Number one on our list of plant-based diet benefits is that eating plant based makes your body and mind better.

Have you ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Well, what this means is that everything you eat and drink affects you. 

Normally, the only way we think about this is with how it relates to our weight. But, science has found that the food we eat affects far more than just our weight. If you, like many of us have for years, think that it doesn’t affect more, then think of how sluggish you feel after eating a ton of junk.

So, is it possible to believe that what we consume can affect our minds, too? Aside from just research, my experience says that changing the way we eat does affect how we think and feel. 

For instance, shortly after cutting out meat and dairy and focusing more on potatoes, vegetables, and fruits, I suddenly found myself feeling better.

And the only way to explain it is that I felt like my body and mind had gone back about 10 years. Sounds crazy, I know. But, how much do you think the junk we ingest regularly weighs us down? 

It’s as if when you’re eating a plant based diet your body has a chance to cleanse the bad stuff out – like it resets and starts functioning the way it’s meant to. (Of course that’s just my interpretation of what it feels like, but you get the idea.)

#2 Plant based eating gives you more energy

Another result of plant based eating is that it gives you more energy.

And, I definitely felt this after I started eating a plant based diet. In fact, one day I noticed I was unusually dancing and smiling in the kitchen (full of energy)!

That sounds like something someone would make up for advertising – I know. But, it’s true. And, it wasn’t just that I was dancing – it was how I noticed I felt. 

I had energy! I felt like moving, because I felt good. And, I guess I hadn’t noticed exactly how bad I’d felt before. Or, I’d forgotten what it felt like to be healthier.

Now (to give you an idea) although I hadn’t gotten to 300 pounds or even 200 yet, I was overweight – like a lot of us get at middle age. 

I was busy and eating things I knew weren’t good for me, plus things I hadn’t realized could be bad for me. And, some things I just didn’t realize how bad they were for me and my child, or the effects they could have.

But, I’ll tell you – once I knew better it was like it was impossible to unlearn it. I knew I wanted to be around a long time for my child and have the energy to play with him!

#3 Eating a plant based diet will keep you healthier

Our next benefit is that eating a plant based diet will keep you healthier overall.

In fact, if you do enough research you’ll find that eating a plant based diet is best if you want to avoid common illnesses that many of us develop.

Of course, there’s plenty of debate on what the best diet is. However, it just made sense to me when I listened to the research findings on this and when I thought about all the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. 

Then, I thought about how everyone argues that you need meat for protein. Even people I know are passionate about it. But, my research didn’t line up with that. 

I found that there are many other things I can eat in order to get protein. And, I started feeling healthier and getting more energy after changing to the plant based vegan diet.

So, if you’re interested in a plant based vegan diet just do your own research rather than listening to everyone’s opinions. 

You need to decide for yourself what’s best for you and what feels right for your family, according to your goals.

But if your goal is to have better health that’s maintainable, this could be a good thing to add to your lifestyle!

#4 Going plant based isn’t hard to do, even for beginners!

The next of these plant-based diet benefits is that it isn’t hard to do, even for beginners.

If you’d asked me a year before my diet switch if I’d be able to cut out meat and dairy products, I’d have said it would be very hard. But, it actually wasn’t that hard.

I think that as I started cutting out things, my body already knew they were bad for me and started happily adjusting! 

It didn’t take long before I was liking the foods that I at first wasn’t as excited about. I also even started craving the healthier foods before long! 

eating a plant based diet

Now, I have to say that I wasn’t too hard on myself. I knew I’d never make it if I expected perfection.

So, I just set my first standard to be “did I eat vegan”, and I gave myself a checkmark on my board for each vegan, plant based meal I ate. And, surprisingly I found myself never breaking this rule! 

Bacon was tempting at first though, if I’m being honest! But, really I love eating a plant based diet. (Vegan bacon is very good to me now, and I have no desire to eat real meat now.)

So, know that no matter how you choose to do it, eating to feel better won’t be too hard to do and you can make it your own and do it your way!

#5 Switching to plant based naturally helps you lose weight

The next benefit is that switching to plant based naturally helps you lose weight.

Like I said before, I saw changes quickly after I started eating a plant based diet. And, that included changes with my body weight. 

I noticed pretty quickly that my clothing was fitting better – it wasn’t way too tight and uncomfortable anymore.

And to me that was a miracle, because I wasn’t eating perfectly all the time. But, I was eating way healthier than before! And, I’d successfully cut out meat and dairy.

#6 Eating to feel better is beneficial to the whole family

Number six on the list is that eating to feel better is actually beneficial to the whole family.

I used to think that to get my child eating a lot healthier it would be a bit of a struggle, but it wasn’t. In fact, I found that as I started eating healthier he was naturally getting more of the healthy foods too.

I’d decided from the start that I wasn’t going to force my picky toddler to give up his favorite meat and dairy foods cold turkey though – “turkey”, haha. 

But, the meat substitutes I started with to make it easier on us at first actually weren’t that bad. And, although he had meat occasionally, he was getting way more fruits and vegetables!

(This is funny, but one day he even asked me for a green salad with coconut on top! I don’t know where he got the coconut idea from. But, I think he was noticing how I was eating too.)

So, don’t worry that not everyone in your family will jump on board with a plant based diet. When they see how good your food is (as you start finding new ways to eat healthy food), and as they see how good you feel, they’ll probably come on board at least somewhat.

And then, you’ll find that eating to feel better helps the whole family!

#7 Eating mostly plant-based is helpful, even if introduced slowly

Our last benefit is that eating mostly plant-based is helpful, even if introduced slowly. Of course you can go completely plant based if you’d like to but, as I said earlier, it’s completely up to you.

Don’t overwhelm yourself when you’re trying out eating a plant based diet. Start slowly, and just decide what parts are most important to you.

Also some people don’t like meat substitutes, so decide for yourself what’s most important at first and what will help.

I decided that getting the meat and dairy out of my system at first, to see how I felt afterward, was most important to me. Then, I wanted to move even more toward whole foods and away from unprocessed foods.

But, perfection is not on my list. I know that if I expect too much too fast I’m likely to fail.

However, I was careful about the amount of sugar and types of bread that we had.

So just know that if you want to take a slow approach to getting healthier and eating a plant based diet, it’s totally do-able and okay!

Conclusion: 7 Plant-based diet benefits (Eating to feel good)

Well, now I’ve shared the plant-based diet benefits that I learned about when I began eating to feel good. And, I hope this helped you get a better understanding of eating plant based and to decide if this is for you or not.

And, for a reminder…

The 7 plant-based diet benefits that we covered were:

  • improved body and mind
  • more energy
  • getting healthier
  • easy to add in or switch to
  • naturally losing weight
  • benefits to your entire family
  • can begin this slowly

I personally chose this way of eating as a lifestyle change – not a diet that would most likely end up temporary and not help me in the long-run.

So think of your overall goals with this, decide on a plan that works for you, and set yourself up for success!

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