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Today I’d like to talk about the benefits of practicing gratitude and positivity – even though there are times in life when this seems almost impossible. I know, I’ve been there! But if you can manage it, you’ll see it’s well worth it.

If you practice gratitude daily, you’ll change your life for the better without a doubt. And, seven specific benefits of practicing gratitude are:

  • It helps you focus on something better
  • You’ll begin to feel better
  • You learn to appreciate the little things
  • It helps you to be more resilient
  • You’ll be able to let go of things easier
  • You can be happier & change your life
  • It’ll help you to change your mindset

Gratitude and positivity changed my life, and I know it can help you too!

So let’s talk a little more about the benefits of practicing gratitude and positivity, so you can start changing your life for the better!

#1. Benefits of practicing gratitude: Focusing on something better

The first of these benefits of practicing gratitude is that it’ll get you focusing on something better than your current circumstances.

Right now I’m sitting on my front porch, typing and watching a cute little bird hop around looking for leftovers from the picnic my child and I had earlier. I felt it relax me, and I smiled.

But, a bit ago I was checking in with myself trying to figure out what’s wrong with me today – feeling a little grumpier than usual on the inside.

Yes, there are reasons to be a little down or grumpy if I really wanted to stay that way. But, I know from experience that if I look hard enough I’ll find many things to be grateful for – and I’ll feel better.

We often take the little things for granted, until a really serious situation shows up. But, we don’t have to wait for the serious situation. 

Look around and think of the many things you can be grateful for! In this example, I chose to focus on the good – and though it may not always be easy, it is a choice.

Just remember that the effects of gratitude and positivity are good and that it’s worth it! And, try to find plenty that you can be grateful for.

We can feel grateful for our loved ones, for what a beautiful day it is outside, and for little birds hopping nearby. 

And, it’s kind of an attitude thing. So, check yourself like I did and readjust. 

Realize that when you’re feeling bad you’re zoning in so close to things that you can’t see it clearly. Zone out like an airplane’s view and see that there’s a big, wide world out there – full with reasons to feel grateful.

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Then you’ll find things to be grateful for, even though you’re currently going through something difficult or not feeling well.

#2. Benefit to practicing gratitude daily: You’ll feel better

The second of these benefits of practicing gratitude is that it’ll help you feel better overall.

And, I can honestly tell you that practicing gratitude daily definitely changed my life, making me feel so much better!

I used to feel down a lot and fell apart much easier when things went wrong – but now I purposely try to practice gratefulness often.

Looking back, I can see that my current circumstances at the time were determining how I felt and therefore how I reacted. This was all I knew. 

If you feel like this is you right now, don’t be hard on yourself. 

We usually do what we know and what we’re able to do at the time – and it takes practice to not let circumstances keep you feeling down for long.

So just keep working on it, and you’ll see the positive effects of gratitude before you know it!

#3. Benefits of practicing gratitude: Appreciating the little things

Next on this gratitude list is that you’ll learn to appreciate the little things in life – which means you’ll enjoy more.

So, when you start feeling down try to make a gratitude listlist a few things that you can be grateful for even if it’s hard.

This will help switch your focus to something good, making you feel better and able to appreciate little things too!

I like to do my gratitude list each morning when I wake up by listing 3 things I’m grateful for.

I’ll think something like I am grateful for my son & the time I’m getting to spend with him – and I’ll let myself feel the gratefulness. Then I might choose something little that I’m grateful for, and so on.

You can not imagine the true power of gratitude until you actually try it. And then, it’ll change your life like it did mine!

So work on practicing positivity and gratefulness daily, so you can begin to feel better and enjoy life more.

#4. Benefits of gratitude: You’ll become more resilient

Now, the fourth of these benefits of practicing gratitude is that being grateful actually helps you succeed.

And, this is probably because you don’t stay down for long when you’re seeking out things to be thankful for!

This means you become more resilient with gratefulness. And, this is awesome!

It’s like, if you were going through an obstacle course with someone throwing things at you – but you’re learning to duck and dodge as you go. 

When things repeatedly happen that would normally make you depressed or down a while but you instead list things to be grateful for, you’re dodging what’s being thrown at you and becoming resilient – so that nothing can throw you off course.

Abundant Life & Balance

So, you’re able to handle more and accomplish more with resiliency, which makes it one of the best benefits of gratitude.

Now, go on and be resilient. Duck and dodge – and if something occasionally hits you, that’s okay, shake it off and keep on going!

I’m doing it right now, because I’m made of the right stuff to keep on going – and so are you!

#5,6,&7. You’ll let go easier, Be happier, & Change your mindset & life

Like I mentioned earlier, being grateful helps by changing your perception – how you look at things. 

Sometimes it’s hard to look at things a different way, especially if something or someone has really upset us. But, if we don’t try and we just dwell in that upsetting place in our minds, it does us no good.

This is why listing things you’re grateful for helps so much. As your mood begins to change and lighten because of your gratefulness, you’ll be better able to see things differently – and this will help you.

It doesn’t mean you need to see that someone else is right for hurting you or anything like that. It’s more about you not giving your power away to someone or something else. And, it’s about letting go.

When you’re able to focus on the good instead of the bad and feel grateful, then you’re able to let things go that you normally wouldn’t be able to. 

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes it takes a minute. But, the more you do it the easier it gets and the quicker you move on. 

You’ll get to a better, happier place faster!

So, even though we hear a lot about the power of gratefulness, don’t underestimate it. Practice feeling grateful and your life can only get better from it.

I’ve heard many people that I consider to be successful and happy say that they practice gratefulness and that it’s helped them. Some even say they wouldn’t be where they are today without it.

I am definitely much happier now than I was before I started focusing on practicing positivity and gratefulness more. And, you will be too!

You’ll find yourself thinking differently, with a changed mindset, and living a better life because you can enjoy it more!

Conclusion: 7 Top benefits of practicing gratitude & positivity

So, we talked about how gratefulness has improved my life and can improve yours as well. And, I hope you can see that the effects of gratitude are good and make it worth it.

Here are a few things for a reminder…

The 7 top benefits of practicing gratitude are:

  • Gratefulness helps you focus on something better than what you’re currently going through
  • It helps you focus on the good & feel better
  • Being grateful helps you learn to appreciate the little things
  • It helps you pick yourself up faster and become more resilient
  • Gratefulness helps you to be able to let go of things easier
  • Being grateful helps you be happier & change your life like I changed my life
  • Overall, practicing gratefulness changes your mindset

And, don’t forget to write or think of your gratitude list daily! It’ll make a difference.

I know I’m grateful for the chance to share this inspirational blog post with you!

And, I hope this post has helped you see how important it is to find things to be grateful for even when it’s hard to do. It’s all about enjoying your life more and letting nothing hold you back!

So, use the benefits of practicing gratitude to motivate you into practicing positivity and into practicing gratitude daily. Then, you’ll see a positive change in yourself and in your life.

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Thanks for reading. You’re truly appreciated!

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