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For years I wanted to become a morning person. I envied those people who seemed bright and cheery first thing in the morning. “How do they do that?”, I wondered.

Thankfully I’ve figured it out, and I’m sharing my secrets with you! And, I’m so glad I figured out how to become a morning person, because the benefits far outweigh hitting the snooze button.

People that learn to become morning people feel more optimistic about their day and get more done. And, anyone can learn to embrace mornings by trying things and finding what works for them. Some things you can try are:

  • Have a good reason for why you want it
  • Prepare things the night before
  • Think of what you’re looking forward to
  • Start the day with something positive
  • Have a morning routine that works for you

We’ll go over each of these in more detail so you can become a morning person, to start your day positive so it carries through to the rest of the day!

Figuring out how to become a morning person will help you:

  • start your day positive
  • be happier & accomplish more
  • & be excited about your days

So, let’s get started!

First know your why

Before jumping into something, find good reasons for why you want to do it.

This actually helps you see it through, especially in those moments that you just won’t feel like it.

It’s worth taking the time to think of your true reasons for wanting to become a morning person. With reasons that are compelling enough, you’ll talk yourself into doing it!

So, take a few minutes to think about your reasons for wanting to become a morning person.

  • What things do you want to accomplish?
  • Also, ask yourself what will happen if you don’t do this.
  • How great will you feel once you learn how to become a morning person?

Make sure your reasons are strong enough to inspire you!

To become a morning person, prepare

Before a big test at school, what would your parents or teachers tell you? Probably to study or prepare.

Some people say that preparation makes success. Well, when trying to become a morning person preparing can make a huge difference.

If you prepare the night before for the day ahead, things will work smoothly and almost effortlessly. So, prepare!

This will make you more likely to enjoy starting your morning. Just knowing that your clothes are already picked and set out for you will feel awesome!

become a morning person and start your day positive

Here are some ideas:

  • You could have part of your breakfast prep already done.
  • Have your coffee items convenient and ready.
  • You could have your shower done the night before.
  • Have your children’s items already prepared.

Think of what things you could prepare the night before that would make you smile when you open your eyes in the morning!

Just knowing what is ready for you and how smoothly it’s going to go will make it easier to get up. Think of it as spoiling yourself, instead of something you have to do.

This is truly setting yourself, or your day, up for success!

To become a morning person, look forward to something

Sometimes when I don’t really want to do something, I tell myself that after I do it I get to do something else I’m looking forward to doing.

It’s amazing the difference it makes & the inspiration that it gives me to get my butt moving!

I know. It’s kind of like how you might encourage a kid to do something, but if it works it works.

Hey, adults need encouragement too!

So, you can do the same kind of thing with your mornings.

The night before or when you open your eyes in the morning, think of some things you’re looking forward to doing.

Anyway, life gets dull without some bits of fun thrown in or some things to look forward to. Mix it up and put a smile on your face by focusing on the thing you plan to do that you actually look forward to doing!

Then, you’ll be more inspired, more joyful about getting up in the morning, and have a sense of purpose and direction.

Start your day positive

You’ve probably heard people saying not to grab your phone first thing in the morning. It seems to be the new advice.

Well, I hate to follow the crowd as I like to be more unique, but it’s pretty good advice for becoming a morning person too.

However, what I really like to focus on is how I can start my day in a positive way.

It’s so easy to immediately get my mind going on all that needs to be done, in what order, and where to start. This is my busy mind.

But, I like to slow it down in the morning by basically telling it to relax and let me breathe a minute.

When I remember to choose something positive to start my day with, it helps set the tone for the day and gives me a good start. I truly believe it will help you too! Just find what works for you.

Ideas to help you start your day positive:

  • You can find a relaxing youtube nature video to watch with calming music while you center your thoughts, breathe, or listen for God’s guidance.
  • Another idea to start your day positive is to find a positive, uplifting podcast to listen to.
  • Also if you like yoga, meditation, or stretching, you can try starting your day with that.

The possibilities are endless, and the secret is to find what centers you. And, before you know it you will be a morning person too!

Have a routine that works

This last tip for how to become a morning person is about having a routine. The idea is that if you already know what you’re going to do each morning and are used to it, it’ll become habit and be easier!

So, get an idea of the things you want to include in your mornings, and make it routine!

I’m not saying you can’t mix it up a bit sometimes, like with your positive morning activity. I actually think it’s good for your brain to do that.

But, doing certain things every morning in your own way will help you to become a morning person.

Now, I hope you have some new ideas and inspiration on becoming a morning person. The next secret is to implement!

Begin it right away, even if it’s just adding a little thing at a time – this is often easier than a big change.

Good luck with teaching your body and mind to become a morning person. With good habits and a routine, you’ll begin to love mornings!

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Thanks for reading!

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